Защита Взломанный DepmaX64


Магистр Йода
  • Client Protection ( It has protection against l2phx and Walker, Dualbox.)
  • IP Filtering ( Gm"s require special IP to enter the world )
  • Server Guard system ( Client verification, protect against l2phx, Walker, Dualbox. Auto log/ban cheating players )
  • Server fixes ( Crash fixes, deadlock, and more )
  • GM Extras ( Begin with full stats and [GM] Tag and more )
  • Anti DDoS system ( Protect the L2Server from Denial of Service attacks )
  • Anti Cheat system ( Hack Prevention, Crashs Prevetion, Dupe Prevention, New trade system )
  • Safe Enchant settings ( Setup safe enchant on: Fighter Weapon, Magic Weapons and Armor )
  • Auto start npc ( Start the npc server when l2server is loaded )
  • Packet Filtering ( Delay special packets and process actions )
  • Jail System ( Two commands to jail and unjail a player, and whoever is jailed can not move or write, etc. Totaly jailed^^ )
  • Quiz event ( Automatic event which asks questions, when you answer correct you will win prizes. )
  • Offline shops ( Leave your char in-game while you sleep or check out porno. )
  • Auto Pickup (Only C4, Auto pickup items dropped l2j style. )
  • LMS event (Only dVamp, Automatic event which players will be teleported to a special place and whoever is the last surviver = Get reward. )


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