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Hello everyone,
I guess after reading the title, you will think that I'm either reselling one of the already created engines (Phoenix / Nexus or so on...), or you think this is not worth a try.
Well I'd like to say that you are probably wrong. This Event Engine is neither Phoenix, neither Nexus: it's purely made by me.
Now you think, why should I try it then?
  • It has cool design.
  • Everything can be controlled through ingame admin commands.
  • Maps can be configured and have their own rewards!
  • It's still under development, so mistakes / bugs will be fixed soon!
Now about the engine itself;
It currently has 13 events:
  • Teams VS Team. Normal TvT with 2-4 teams (depends on map).
  • VIP Team VS Team. TvT with VIP player for each team. Configurable gameplay types; either receive score only from VIP, either get score from everyone, but from VIP multiplied scores amount. VIP can be changed every time VIP dies, or when he leaves the game.
  • Last Man Standing.
  • Last Team Standing. Pretty similar to TvT, except you will not be revived when you die. The team with the most survivors wins, or when all enemies are dead.
  • Capture the Flag. Pretty simple CTF with some extra addons. Each team can have more than 1 Flag (more flags, more defense, more action!), if the flag carrier dies, the flag can either go straight to the base, or it is given to the killer of the carrier.
  • Deathmatch.
  • Simon Says. It looks pretty boring, but this event makes you do some moves, launch skill, use item (equippable only), say message, use social action! You can choose the gameplay for this event, either like everywhere: you make a mistake, you lose, or scores-based system: the faster you make the action, the more scores you get, the longer it takes for you to make a mistake, the more scores you lose!
  • Lucky Chest. Create areas for chests to spawn and have funny play. When players open chests, they might receive scores, lose them, die, be paralysed, rooted, or put to sleep!
  • Team Lucky Chest. Same as lucky chest, except everyone has teams and works together.
  • Boss Fight. Team based event, with couple gameplays, either the goal is to kill other teams Boss, or the goal is to get as much scores as possible (kill other team player, receive 1 score), do X damage to other team boss, receive Y amount of scores, kill other team Boss, receive Z amount of scores!
  • Domination, the idea of this event is to capture Towers, by standing near to them. In this event, you can spawn as many Towers as you wish, you can set starting team for towers (None, Red, Blue....). In the configurations, you can choose the 'dominationType', either occupation of tower changes from players (each player increases/decreases occupation percent by its own (2 players, then 2x faster and so on)), either occupation of tower changes from teams (team must have more players than other teams by 'majority percent'). Also you can set the type, how scores will be given, either players must stand near the occupied tower, or there is no need for that, just to have tower occupied. Also there is setting to set how towers will act, either individually (each tower increases scores individually), either team has to have more towers occupied, than other teams. Each config, mentioned earlier, can be set to 'Random', which means, every time event will start, it will choose randomly the type of event. Scores given to teams can be set (min-max), so it will be given randomly.
  • Base Defense. Team based event, the goal of event is to destroy other team base. Each team can have up to X amount of towers and 1 base. Each tower has option for influence, which connects towers and base, after the tower is destroyed, players can attack next tower or base, by the influence id. (Event is MOBA type, only towers do not attack and theres no monsters running).
  • Korean. Team based event, in which on every event, players will be divided to smaller groups, to X amount of players in the group, and there will be Y amount of groups. At the start, each team first group will be launched, when all players of group dies, next group will be launched. The goal is to kill all other team players.

NOTE: each Team Based event can have 2-4 teams, which will be decided by map. If map has spawns only for 2 teams, then event will be held only for 2 teams, if will have spawns for 4 teams, then at start of event, teams count will be chosen randomly from 2 to 4.

Features it currently has:
  • Buglist manager, it tracks every error the event throws and puts it into file and also, you can write bugs there through ingame, generate file and then, you can simply send it to me and I'll see required information to check the bug and fix it. Also you can enable it to players, so they can note the bugs also!
  • Checks version, event itself checks your current version of event engine and notices if theres new one!
  • Ingame changelog, to see what was changed, which errors fixed, what was added in last revs!
  • Fake players, this system allows you to hide enemies' information, change their names, items appearance (in solo based event, everyone except you have different info, in team based event, team mates are shown with original info, enemy teams has hidden appearance).
  • Advanced teams splitting, you can enable supports split (healers, buffers, summoners). They will be split equally to each team, also you can enable different split types for other classes: Shuffle, Sequence, split by level, split by PVP.
  • Automatic parties generation, you can enable parties generation for team based events.
  • Confirm dialog to register, admin can enable sending requests to register for events (popup will be shown when registration starts (to every player)).
  • Registration NPC / Community board tab, you can enable registration only through Registration NPC, or you can allow it through Community Board.
  • Voiced command registration, also admins can enable and set voiced commands so players could register / unregister from an event.
  • Max enchant level, you can set maximum enchant level for items you have equipped (if item will be set on a higher enchant level, it will be used as set to maximum).
  • Restrict items / skills, you can restrict any item or skill from being used. This can be done globally (to every event) and can be done individually for each event also.
  • IP / HWID protections, different types of protection possibilities: do not allow to register, do not give reward for same IP or HWID. HWID can be implemented if your server has support to get HWID from player, so just make 1 function in Player class and you have it working!
  • Ingame player / event statistics, event tracks every player and event, gathers data and can shows statistical information to players.
  • Rewards can be set for events and also for maps. Also, each reward can be set for 1 or more classes, which will receive this reward. Rewards can be: "Item, Experience, Skill Points, Clan Points, Fame, PvP, PK". They can be received if you:
    • Win, team or player, which wins the event gets the rewards.
    • Lose, teams or players, who loses the event gets the rewards.
    • Tie, if a couple of players or teams makes an event end in a tie, this reward is given.
    • Kill, after every kill you make in an event, you will get the reward.
    • Score, each time you get some scores, you will get the rewards.
    • Spree, when you make X kills in row, you will get the rewards.
    • Range, you can set rewards for certain positions (TOP 3 players), or set certain range (TOP 3 to TOP 10).
    • First blood, player who made the first kill in an event.
    • First registration, player who first registered to an event.
  • Enable preparation state, an event or a specific map can have a state for preparations during which events are already divided to teams (or in solo, players are just teleported to a specific place) and prepare themselves for an event.
  • Spawn npcs, you can spawn any npc to the event, so players can use them (buffer or shop or any other).
  • Return to event after logout, you can enable a system, allowing players to return to an event after they have logged out (if event is still ongoing).
  • Configure screen data / time, ability to enable, disable and change the location of information (on the screen) about the event and the time remaining.
  • Configs hierarchy, Global Config > Event Config > Map Config. There are configs, like Run Time, which is Global Config, also Event has its Run Time config and even Map has Run Time config. If in Map and Event it is disabled, then event uses Global Config, if Event Config is enabled, then event will use it from Event and if in Map it is enabled, then event uses Map config.
  • Same event base, different event, each event can have different gameplays, configs, rewards, which means you can have 3 different TvT events, each with different configs / rewards / maps.
  • AFK protection, resign warnings, you can enable AFK and Resign systems, which gather scores and prohibit players from joining events.
  • MultiLayer spawn system, with this, you can spawn up to 3 layered fences, so it may look abit better.
  • Advanced admin spawn system, this allows admin to see how the map will look like. Every spawn can be visualized (if spawn has radius, it will be shown, by dropping adenas around it), admin can change every parameter very easily, also ability to teleport to spawn.
  • Observe system, this is enabled, for normal players, to observe current event, without disrupting it. (This works like Olympiad Observe system).
  • Advanced admin controls, ability to teleport to event, register / unregister player from event (if event is running, player will be automatically moved to event), ability to set exact next event, set random next event, change the phase.
  • Language system, ability to change the language (or add new language as additional, change the default language), for whole engine (except admin panel). Players can choose individually which language they will use, and system will show every message (every Event npc or community board part) in their selected language.
  • Sequence system, this allows admin to create one or several sequences for events to play (not at random), ofcourse each of the sequence can contain "random" events in places and same event, several times.
  • Buffer, system has its own buffer (buffs are configured by admin panel, from ingame, enchanted buffs can be added), players can create schemes for events, select active schemes and event will use the scheme for player, when the player joins the event, or dies.
  • Healer scores, if healer scores are enabled, healers will receive scores for doing X amount of healing for other players.
  • Start event, feature which allows to start selected event, with selected map, for X amount of time for registration and for Y amount of time for run time.
  • API system, this system allows developers to create new events, without touching Event Engine source, just by using API.
A lot more is coming (12 events in mind, some of them totally new).
Event system is still in Beta phase!
This system can be adapted to any chronicle and most of the L2j packs, which has source!
Currently adapted: L2jMobius, L2jUnity, aCis (370-374), L2jServer, L2Pride, L2Sunrise.
If you are interested, leave PM or write to skype: Erlandys56
Waiting for your opinions and maybe new ideas!

1.27 rev
Some screenshots (Not Interlude):
Updated Engine admin controls

Global configs with edit window opened

Buglist manager

Maps list

Events list

Map spawns creation / editing

Updated spawns, with visual Radius system

MultiLayer fences system

Event configs

Event maps with map status for event

Event rewards creation / editing

Registration npc

Community board tab for players

Player statistics

Event statistics

Some videos of admin management (Interlude):

You should play it on x1.5 or 2x speed.

Part 1, basics of admin management:

Part 2, basics of event creation:

Part 3, basics of map creation and assign to event:

Topic will be updated, when engine will have some new features!
Thanks and best regards,


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Старый сурс этого движка по-моему даже здесь ещё валялся xD
Thanks for reply!
I would really appreciate if you could find the "source" of this engine, you mentioned, or atleast if you could prove that it's some shared engine or that it is not mine! :-)
In any case, engine is purely made by me, from scratch. It could resemble Nexus Event engine, since I took the IDEA, about having all controls of system through the game, not configs or xmls. :-)
And I would really like, to first show some proofs, before you slander someone, thanks!


Thanks for reply!
I would really appreciate if you could find the "source" of this engine, you mentioned, or atleast if you could prove that it's some shared engine or that it is not mine! :-)
In any case, engine is purely made by me, from scratch. It could resemble Nexus Event engine, since I took the IDEA, about having all controls of system through the game, not configs or xmls. :-)
And I would really like, to first show some proofs, before you slander someone, thanks!
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