Софт L2 Updater 1.3


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Version: 1.3

Language: C++ / Mfc
Used MFC in a Static Library. There is no need the user installs any C++ Redistributable Package.

Compression Method: Zip
Cryptography: md5
Backup Support
Hosts Edit Support
Self Update Support: Updates L2updater.exe with a newer version.
Create's shortcut to your desktop for the first time you execute.

Version 1.2
--Fixed to support ftp://
--Now the browser will delete cache. So any changes on the site that the browser navigate's will get refreshed.

Version 1.3
--Removed web browser's border. So now you can change the background image of the updater and will fit perfectly, without appearing this annoying border images!
--Remade Download Operation. Added some new threading methods and corrected some logical bugs.

3 Steps:
1st : Build Application settings.
Updater Settings stored on l2updaters.exe resource file so there is no need for extra files like .ini .bin files.

2nd : Pack the files.
* Updater .Exe Name -> updater.exe name for self update. In order to work place l2updater.exe on the source folder and type executables name on the textbox.

3rd (Optional) : Upload the files to the remote server.
* Remote Directory -> Type remote folder's name to upload your files.

Please report any bugs / problems and ofc suggestions to improve L2updater.


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