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Ultimate Server Updater
All Servers Gathered in ONE Place
USU (Ultimate Server Updater) is an application that displays
Private Lineage II Servers, has info for them (Chronicle - Rates), downloads their patch
and lets you play directly without having to visit their website or
download their patch from various hosting services.
USU's features:
1. Self Update:
each time a new Server is added the application will Update itself to include the new server.
2. Opening dates and Countdown time: in the Main Application Index, there will be the last Servers Added(14 in total), with their Openning Date and the time left for the Grand Opening(like l2annonse,l2oops etc).
3. Individual Server Page: each server (when you click on it) will have it's own 'personal page' with it's own unique look, where links to the Site and Forum will be displayed.
Also, there will be information about the Server's Rates and Chronicle.
4. Fast Use: when the user will choose the server he will be able to download their patch and play immediately.
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I will also keep this thread Updated.
Beta Version: Coming Soon
How to add my server:

Adding your Server to the Application starts with a 5€/month with 10% discount if you choose 2month subscription or 20% discount in 6month subscription.
Why should I choose this instead of a unique custom made Updater?
Server competition is very high and you might have a rough start with your server. It is better to invest less assets in the beginning and expand in the future
than pay for a 50€ Updater and terminate the server in a month. Also, having your server in the USU, it increases your traffic, since players will see a vast variety of
VIP Options:
You can choose a VIP plan where you will display your server in the Main Index of the Application and you can also choose more features for your server.
(for more info download the Beta-Application when available)
How are the servers sorted?
Servers are sorted with 3 ways at the moment. First is with order of submission(last one stays one top), second is depending on their Chronicle, third is . In the future they will be sorted by rates too.
Server has to be VIP in order to be displayed in the Opening Date area?
No, in the Opening Area all Servers(last 14) are displayed. VIP servers will just have bold font.
Will my Server be deleted after the subscription time passes?
Yes, if you do not have a VIP membership. There will be tolerance ofcource for some days if you wish to renew your subscription.
If you have a VIP membership and the subscription time passes, your server will not be deleted but it will be removed from the VIP Servers.
How can I personalize my server's unique page in the Application?
I will provide you a *.psd template with detailed quidance on what you can/should do.
Who will be displayed in the SUPER VIP Area?
SUPER VIP Area has 2 places at the momnet. The subscription time lasts for 1 week and it will be occupied by the first 2
you choose to display their server there.
I did not post it in the Marketplace since I do not sell anything yet. I just need constructive critisism in order to create a better result.
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This is all good..., but in what way do you plan to attract traffic from this updater?
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